Fairness and Testing

At paradise.com, we recognize the importance of maintaining fairness and integrity in our games for the satisfaction of all players. We utilize Random Number Generators (RNGs) in games such as slots, roulette, and blackjack, which have been certified and tested by external sources before being made available on our website.

We also continuously monitor the games for any irregularities and take action if any are found. It is important to note that the Return-to-Player is a measure of all players' gameplay pooled together and individual results may vary. Additionally, we have measures in place to ensure fairness in our live gaming options, such as strict control in studios, recording, and monitoring, as well as statistical performance checking. Any issues should be reported to customer service for further assistance.

Provably Fair Casino Games

Provably fair technology is a method used in cryptocurrency gambling to ensure fairness for players. It uses an algorithm to eliminate the potential for fraud or manipulation by the casino. The process involves creating a seed, which is then hashed and shared with the player before they place their bet.

This seed, along with a separate seed generated by the player's browser, are used to determine the outcome of the bet, and a nonce that increases with each bet is also used. Players can verify the fairness of the game in real-time using a verifier that compares the seed value to the outcome of the game.

How provably fair casino games work

There is a five-step process to understanding how provably fair gaming works.

1) The iGaming operator creates a seed number, which is then hashed and provided to the player
2) The player contributes their own seed
3) The hand or game is played and the outcome is decided
4) Once the outcome has been decided, the player receives the seed from the bet
5) The player has the ability to view all information included the seed, hash, and random number generation to verify the fairness of the bet

RNG Casino Games

Our software suppliers have put their Random Number Generators (RNG) through rigorous testing and certification to ensure that they are random and fair. This process was done by independent testing houses and met the industry standards set by the regulator.

If a player feels that the published Return to Player (RTP) percentage for a game does not match their personal experience, it is important to understand that RTP is a measure of the combined play of all players in the game. It is not an indicator of an individual player's return. It is common for some players to have an RTP above 100% while others have an RTP below 100%. For example, a player who wins $100 from a $10 bet would have an RTP of 1000%. It's important to keep in mind that if some players have an RTP above the advertised average, there will likely be other players with an RTP below that average.

Live Casino Games

Live gaming, which is conducted in carefully supervised studios, is thoroughly recorded and monitored, and is evaluated for statistical accuracy in the same way as RNG gaming.

All live casino suppliers and partners adhere to the strict regulations set out by the gaming control boards responsible for their jurisdiction. paradise.com only works with licensed and regulated live casino providers.

While live dealers may occasionally make errors in their handling of cards or other components, these mistakes are typically immediately obvious to players and supervisors and can be quickly verified. If customers experience any problems, they can reach out to the Live Casino "Pit Boss" using the chat feature on Live games, or contact Customer Services through Live Chat, email or phone, and report any issues they feel have not been resolved. To ensure a prompt response from Customer Services, it is important for customers to note the game ID.
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